The drivers are now compliant with Trade Association Base test. Support for RAID external hard drive enclosures. July — Version 3. Rare crash on IIDC camera driver when booting system with cameras connected. April — Version 5.

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Unibrain FireBoard Firewire PCI Adapter Specs – CNET

RAW unibgain support and Format-7 color codings in Firei. Changing packet size in Format7, is not updated on the camera Fire-iX, Fire-i. Added support for Windows ME.

Unibrain 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire Cable – 4. Supports Windows NT 4. Extend your computer’s Firewire ports by two 2. Unibrain fireboard 400 driver crash in volumes larger than 4 TB. Moreover, because multiple cameras can fireboatd connected in a daisy-chain configuration, users can enjoy the benefits of simplified operation in a multi-camera system.

November — Version 6. January — Version 5. September — Version 2. April — Version 5. Added Fireviewer and FireCommander tools. DMA channel multiplexing at the driver level, completely transparent to user mode. Improved support for AVT Unibrain fireboard 400 b cameras.

FireBoard 400™ 1394a Lynx-2 PCI adapter

Fire-i Ms stack fidcam. October — Version 5. Fireboarde Pro Ynibrain is ideal for multi-camera acquisition systems that require fast and reliable data transfers to the host system.

Added support for SBP2 interface. New enhanced unibrain fireboard 400 of ubTweak, FireCommander and ubSwitch utilities. The drivers are now compliant with Trade Association Base test.

Unibrain Drivers Download – Unibrain

Added support for optical cables and repeaters. December — Version 5. Image streaming freezing periodically at 60 fps or more in Firei unibrain fireboard 400. June — Version 5. Fixed various issues in the isochronous engine. The Long Smart Firewire cables can extend your unibrain fireboard 400 topology to distances up to 20 meters 65 ft without the use of repeaters or Bus extenders, via a single, thin 75 Ohm coaxial type cable.

Added ifreboard parameter set box, in the trigger dialog Fire-i application. April — Version 2.

ubCore(TM) 1394b drivers

NMI system crash on certain Xeon systems during isochronous transmit. World Wide Shipping Hours: Firenet driver is not installed by default anymore. February — Version 4. Unibrain fireboard 400 support for Windows Power Management. Custom Configuration ROM contents virtual devices. February — Version 5.